Project 1 for Drawing 1, Art 110:008

Due Dates:

Preliminaries: Thurs, 8/30

Due: Thurs, 9/06

Crit: Thurs, 9/06


This is your 1st major project.  For, this assignment, you will practice your sighting and measuring skills by focusing on the contour shapes of the still-life.  You will create positive/negative silhouettes based on your observations. You will need to make 12 thumbnail sketches of different points in the still-life.  Thumbnails are quick sketches that should take no more than 30 seconds to draw. These thumbnails will help you plan out the composition of your final 4 drawings.  Two of the drawings will have black positive space and white negative space. The other two will be the inverse (white positive space and black negative space).

The main purpose of this assignment is to develop your observation skills, awareness of contours, and arrangement of compositional space on your picture plane.  The composition of the bulk forms should be more interesting than the smaller details in the image. Be sure to tape off the borders of your paper.  Failure to do so will hurt your final grade.  All silhouettes turned into me must be spray fixed and interleaved with newsprint.


Sketch paper Pencils/Erasers Compressed Charcoal
Drawing Paper Painters Tape

You will find the formal project sheet and rubric below.

Download Project Sheet


Download Rubric