Drawing I

Art 110:008, Fall 2018

Mon & Wed, 3:00pm-5:45pm



Project 1 for Drawing 1, Art 110:008

Due Dates:

Preliminaries: Thurs, 8/30

Due: Thurs, 9/06

Crit: Thurs, 9/06


This is your 1st major project.  For, this assignment, you will practice your sighting and measuring skills by focusing on the contour shapes of the still-life.  You will create positive/negative silhouettes based on your observations. You will need to make 12 thumbnail sketches of different points in the still-life.  Thumbnails are quick sketches that should take no more than 30 seconds to draw. These thumbnails will help you plan out the composition of your final 4 drawings.  Two of the drawings will have black positive space and white negative space. The other two will be the inverse (white positive space and black negative space).

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