Drawing I

Art 110:005, Fall 2018

Tues & Thurs, 9:30am-12:15pm



Project 2 for Drawing I, Art 110:005

Due Dates:


Thurs, 9/13

Completed Project:

Tues, 9/25


Tues, 9/25

This is your 2nd major project.  For, this assignment, you will practice your sighting and measuring skills and observational drawing skills to produce a detailed contour line drawing and a shaded charcoal drawing( 14” x 20” ).  You will need to make 6 thumbnail sketches from different points in the still life. These thumbnails will help you plan out the execution of your final drawing.

The main purpose of this assignment is to develop your observation skills and arrangement of compositional space on your picture plan. You will want to choose an object with a lot of detail ( Natural objects tend to work best ). Focus on a the details object to facilitate the switch to the analytical side of your brain. You are only able to use line to indicate a sense of three dimensional form and shallow space. Use the viewfinder to devise a good composition. Consider the importance of both positive and negative shapes.

Spend a decent amount of time lightly laying out your drawing on paper to ensure your exterior contours match your reference and the viewfinder. Once the overall shape of the form is sketched begin your detailed contour line drawing. Use line variation to indicate depth and form.




Graphite Pencils

Various Charcoal

Drawing Paper

Artist Tape

Your project will need to contain the following items and meet the following requirements:

General Requirements

  • 2 final drawings

  • 6 different thumbnails of still-life planned out with viewfinder

  • Borders taped off before starting drawing

Overall composition/arrangement of image

30 pts

Evidence of preparatory work influencing final piece

20 pts

Accuracy, craft, and clarity of final images

20 pts

Detail and Mark-making

30 pts

                                                                                                                                                100 pts

This assignment is due to me at the start of class on Tuesday, 9/25. Critique on Tuesday, 9/25.



Croos Contour Example 1

Cross Contour Example 2

Cross Contour Example 3

Charcoal Example 4

Charcoal Example 3

Charcoal Example 2

Charcoal Example 1

Project 1 for Drawing I, Art110:005

Due Dates:

Preliminaries: Thurs, 8/30

Due: Thurs, 9/06

Crit: Thurs, 9/06


This is your 1st major project.  For, this assignment, you will practice your sighting and measuring skills by focusing on the contour shapes of the still-life.  You will create positive/negative silhouettes based on your observations. You will need to make 12 thumbnail sketches of different points in the still-life.  Thumbnails are quick sketches that should take no more than 30 seconds to draw. These thumbnails will help you plan out the composition of your final 4 drawings.  Two of the drawings will have black positive space and white negative space. The other two will be the inverse (white positive space and black negative space).

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