Weekly Archive Assignment

There are 2 parts to this assignment.

1. You will need to maintain a wordpress.com archive that will serve as a source of inspiration for your future design endeavours.  To succeed as artists, you need to be aware of contemporary environment in your chosen field. Each week you will add 2 items to your archive.

  • A post related to New Media Art/Artists
  • A post related to the visual art field or artist

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Project 1 for Intro to Digital Art I, Art 224:002

Due Dates:


Phase 1: Wed, 8/29

Phase 2: Wed, 8/29

Phase 3: Wed, 9/05

Phase 4: Mon, 9/10

Completed Project:

Mon, 9/17


Mon, 9/17


This is your first major project for this course. For this assignment, you will make a black and white abstract composition out of found object. You will scan your found object and create various digital and analogue pieces that will culminate in one large final piece. This project is divided into several progressive phases. Detailed steps required for each phase can be found below.

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Syllabus for Art 224:003, Introduction to Digital Art I

Here is the syllabus for Art 224 Introduction to Digital Art I, section 003. Be sure to read through the University policies, grading policy, class schedule, and class etiquette policy. Print off a copy for your own use or you can find another copy here.

Download a copy.